World Poker Championship ready to deliver another multi-million dollar series  – March 31 to April 9 at Grand Loyal Poker Club, Hanoi


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In September 2022, a new brand from Korea, World Poker Championship, stunned the Asian poker community after it broke multiple records in Vietnam. For a newcomer outside of home soil, the Main Event pulled in an impressive 1,020 entries and paid out a grand festival prize pool of US$ 2.3+ Million. 

Riding on its enormous success, the WPC returned to Hanoi in January 2023. Like previous, the mass influx of Koreans and international players, merged with the vibrant local market, produced another multi-million dollar series. Due to this, the brand cemented its place in players’ calendars.  

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In just three weeks, the WPC heads back to host venue Grand Loyal Poker Club to deliver another competitive and lucrative series. The upcoming festival has been announced for some time so for those just hearing of it, games take place from March 31 to April 9. A substantial US$ 1 Million is guaranteed. If the brand’s past two events and popularity are a gauge of what to expect, then that figure is just a teaser. From WPC and Grand Loyal, 

“We are thrilled to host another World Poker Championship at the Grand Loyal Poker Club. We have a great schedule lined up with ten events out of 20 featuring guarantees. Come on over and experience the competitive and fun energy in Hanoi. We look forward to seeing all of you and to crowning the next WPC Main Event champion.”

WPC Schedule Preview

One of the many reasons for the WPC’s popularity is its fearlessness to place guarantees on multiple events. And as we all know, players seek out tournaments with guaranteed prize pools. For this edition, a generous 10 out of twenty events feature prize pools from VN₫ 500 Million (~US$ 21,100) to the wealthiest of VN₫ 10 Billion (~US$ 422,300) for the Main Event. Here’s a consolidated list of those events.

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Main Event
April 4 to 8

WPC Kickoff
March 31 to April 2

Single Day HR
March 31

April 2

High Roller
April 2

Mystery Bounty
April 3 to 4

Superstar Challenge
April 4

Super High Roller
April 7 to 8

HSOP Megastack
April 8

Megastack Closer
April 9

For the rest of the schedule, click on the link provided:

World Poker Championship – Schedule

Tourist information

For new travelers, Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. Compared to Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) it is less populated and more on the rural side. The Hanoi International Airport is roughly 30 minutes from the Grand Loyal Poker Club. The best way to get to the venue is via Grab car but make sure to have the local currency on hand – the Vietnamese Dong. There are exchange counters at the airport at a decent rate.

If you are in need of accommodations, no need to look further than the venue itself. The poker room is located at the Grand Loyal Hotel. Make sure to ask if player rates are available.


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Author: Henry Brown