What Are Crypto Casinos and What Makes Them So Popular?

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Unless you’ve managed to avoid the news for more than a decade, you probably have an awareness of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Heck, you may even have bought some digital tokens yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

You might be less familiar with the crypto casino scene, which has exploded in popularity recently. So what makes crypto gambling tick, and why are people flocking to the casinos that offer it?

The basics

As the name suggests, a crypto casino is a website that lets you place wagers using cryptocurrencies rather than fiat money.

There are also hybrid casinos, which are essentially sites that support crypto deposits, but require that your cash is then converted into a standard, state-backed currency before you can gamble with it. We’ll be focusing on pure crypto casinos for the rest of this guide, but it’s worth knowing there’s a middle ground.

The benefits

There are lots of selling points to crypto casinos that go above and beyond what standard gambling sites can offer, including:

Improved security

Being able to gamble safely and securely over the internet is what all players want out of the experience, and crypto-powered sites promise to protect customers more comprehensively than their mainstream rivals.

Total transparency

Crypto casinos are based on the blockchain, meaning you can check up on transactions and even game outcomes after the fact because they’re written to a public ledger.

This added transparency lets you have confidence in the fairness of the gambling process rather than the inner workings of casino games being hidden behind a colorful veneer.

Crypto gambling can involve less red tape as fiat banks aren’t involved

The operators found on sites like Casinoscrypto.com accept many major cryptocurrencies, and therefore don’t rely on traditional financial infrastructures to handle deposits and withdrawals.

This means you can add coins to your account and gamble with them immediately, then withdraw your winnings just as quickly instead of dealing with the delays and fees that fiat banks necessitate.

Game Variety

For those already familiar with casino games, the appeal of crypto casinos is that you can get all the benefits above of the blockchain while still enjoying your favorite game.

As well as card games, dice games, and slots, there are of course, crypto casino sites that operate sports books. So if you want to bet on major tournaments or obscure matches, as well as on esports and much more, it’s all out there for you.


Running a crypto casino site is less costly than hosting a standard online gambling service, and there’s also more of a peer-to-peer ethos underpinning the entire scene.

These two factors in combination, mean that gambling is usually more player-friendly in terms of the split, with the house reducing its cut to the bare minimum.

Worldwide access

Crypto casinos eliminate more red tape since they can be played from anywhere with an internet connection.

This gets around the various rules and regulations that are in place for land-based casinos and even online gambling in many parts of the world.

Anonymous wagering

Last but not least, crypto casinos often avoid the requirement of having players give over private details to start gambling.

So long as you’ve got a crypto wallet, you can make a transfer and place wagers while maintaining complete anonymity.

If you were in any doubt about why crypto casinos are so popular before, by now you should understand what is causing them to grow so rapidly.

Author: Henry Brown