The Helpful InAudible Conversation Regarding My Awesome Poker Books

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The following is an email conversation with Audible (the audio book company owned by Amazon)….

Me: Should audio reviews also be on Amazon? If so, I have two audio reviews for a book, but they’re not linked on Amazon. Thanks.

Libbie: Thank yo​​u f​or ​​contacting Audible. My name is Libbie. ​I can ​certainly look in​to​ this for you.

Me: Here’s the link. (I sent link.)

Libbie: Thanks for the links. I will be glad to check this for you and see what I can do to help you today regarding this matter.​​​

Me: Ok. Thank you. About how long will this take? Thanks. Should audio reviews be linked on Amazon?

Libbie: Am I speaking with Tyler?

Me: Yes.

Libbie: Please advise that Audible is an Amazon company. Before I continue, I’ll need to access your account. To do so, can you please provide me with your name on the account, e-mail and billing address?

Me: (I sent the information.)

Libbie: Thank you. I have found the audiobook and eBook “The Perfect Range” on the website. Did you write a review on Amazon page?

Me: Huh? No. I’m the writer. I want to know if the reviews on Audible (left by others) should be linked to Amazon.

Libbie: Yes, you will see the Audible Review and Amazon tab on Audible page.

Me: The reason I’m contacting you is because the reviews left on Audible are not showing on Amazon.

Libbie: I only found Amazon review on the Amazon page. Let me go back to Audible and click the Amazon page on the tab.

Me: I sent you the audible link for the book. Scroll down and you will see two ratings (one review). I would like those reviews to be linked on Amazon, if that’s the policy.

Libbie: One moment. I will escalated your concern.

Me: Okay. I might put this conversation in my next book. It’s entertaining.

Libbie: I understand that. I have my lead now.

Me: You must be writing from another country, and English might be your second language. Not your fault. I didn’t know Audible outsourced.

Libbie: It shows that your Audible review will be available on Audible page only.

Me: So, not for me, but in general, should Audible reviews be linked on Amazon? Thanks.

Libbie: You can only submit an Audiobook review on Audible page.

Me: Okay, so those reviews do not link to Amazon? Even though there is an Audible purchase button on Amazon?

Libbie: Let me try to recap again. The book have different kind of versions. We have audiobook, ebooks, paperback and so on.

Me: Yes, I know.

Libbie: Amazon reviews will be on the website of Audible. However, the Audible reviews will not be on Amazon website.

Me: Thank you. That is the question I have been asking. Appreciate it.

Libbie: Alright. We will try our best to have audiobook review shows on Amazon page too.

Me: Thank you. It would make sense.

Libbie: At this time, only ebook and paperback are available on Amazon. Also, adding the Audible edition to your Kindle eBook enables two features that allow you to seamlessly listen and read your favorite titles. These features are called Whispersync for Voice and Immersion Reading and are available on many Kindle eBooks and Audible audiobooks. If you are interested in learning more about Whispersync for Voice or Immersion Reading, please visit our Help Center.

Me: Ok.

Libbie: Awesome!

End Conversation.

I’m not sure if I was being rude or if this girl was a little ditzy, but it was frustrating. The conversation above doesn’t indicate time, but it took about 30 minutes.

This is just one tiny aspect related to the frustration of writing and publishing. Most people don’t know this, but writing is the easy part. The research, logistics, time away from home, editing, marketing, advertising campaigns, and contacting publishing platforms all go into it. Like anything else in the world, it takes a lot of work just to make a dent. For example, I have put my heart, soul, and money into writing these books, and I have only made a minuscule dent. It’s my passion for writing that keeps me going.


Author: Henry Brown