Korea’s Jae Sung Kim clinches first ever Hanoi Super Series Main Event


After five days of competition, Korea’s Jaesung Kim clinched the first ever Hanoi Super Series MAIN EVENT. Kim outlasted a final table dominated in numbers by Vietnamese to claim the top ICM deal payout (TBA) and his first ever live title. Relive the action via the livestream on the Grand Loyal Poker Club facebook page.

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Jae Sung Kim

Seo Eui Yeon

Nguyễn Ngọc Đại

NguyễN Thanh Long

Ngô Văn ĐạT

Hoàng HảI Nam

ĐặNg Hoàng ViệT

William Kang

*Four-way ICM deal to be posted

Brief rundown of the final table

Created by Korea Mind Game Members (KMGM) and Hanoi Series of Poker (HSOP), the HSS Main Event got underway on November 30 with three entry flights that gathered 352 runners for a prize pool of ₫6,316,640,000 (~$259,250). The money flowed at Day 2 with 36 out of 44 remaining players shaving a piece. The final eight players returned on Sunday, December 4 to pursue the inaugural title and the ₫1.379 Billion top prize.

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Buy in: ₫20,000,000 (~$820)
Guarantee: ₫5,000,000,000 (~$205,210)
Entries: 352 (Day 1A -87, Day 1B – 183, Day 1C – 82)
Prize pool: ₫6,316,640,000 (~$259,250)
ITM: 44 players

The chase kicked off with Hoàng HảI Nam aka Luckyman9999 in the driver’s seat with 72 BB however, with average at 44 BB, there was plenty of time for other’s to catch up. KMGM’s Jaesung Kim was first to steal the lead with JsJd standing firm against Nguyễn Ngọc Đại’s AhKc. Kim held it until Đại knocked out William Kang (8th) and Đặng Hoàng Việt aka Cua (7th). A half hour later, a new leader emerged when KMGM’s Seo Eui Yeon scored a double up off Đại with a nut flush over second nuts.

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Ngô Văn Đạt was next to challenge for the top spot, and got close after railing Hoàng in 6th place, but later dropped down the rung after losing a large chunk to Kim with King-Ten suited running into pocket Aces. The five handed race was fierce with nearly every player claiming the leader’s seat. It ended with Ngô falling to Yeon with KcQd dominated throughout by AcKs.

After an hour or so of four-handed action, the players struck an ICM deal that guaranteed chip leader Kim the largest pay, followed by Đại, Yeon, then Nguyễn Thanh Long. When the race resumed, Kim eliminated all of his opponents in under an hour. The final hand was Kim Ks7d, Yeon AdJc, the board was 7cJd9h7s10h, Kim turned trips to bad beat Yeon into 2nd place.


*All images courtesy of Grand Loyal Poker Club

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