Have You Ever Thought You Have Any Problems With Gambling?

Have You Ever Thought You Have Any Problems With Gambling?

Any problems with gamblingToday thanks to the emergence of internet and its global popularity more and more people gamble online. The more people play casino games, the more often the gambling addiction problems appear. Have you ever worried if you have such a problem? Below we are offering a simple test that offers a way to establish whether you have a gambling problem. All you have to do is to answer: Yes or No.

Gambling Addiction Test

Have you ever missed your work or school because of gambling?
Have games affected your reputation?
Has gambling ever influenced on your work or studies?
Have you ever felt miserable after a gambling session?
Have gambling ever made you feel remorse?
Have you ever played casino games to pay your debts out or solve any financial problems?
Have you ever look forward to returning to the casino table after losing to win back?
Have you ever wanted to return to the game and win more?
Have you ever played until your bankroll has exhausted?
Have you ever set a gambling bankroll?
Have you ever played on borrowed money?
Have you ever sold anything to play casino games?
Have gambling did any financial harm to your family budget?
Have you ever played longer than planned before?
Have you ever played to forget about troubles or when felt bored or lonely?
Have you ever had insomnia because of gambling?
Have you ever brought the law to get money for gambling?
Do your problems and disappointments come with longing to gamble?
Do you celebrate every time you win?
Have you ever thought of suicide after losing?


If you have at least 7 “Yes” ticks you have some gambling problems. The more “Yes” you have, the more problems with gambling you have.

Recommendations Concerning Gambling

If you come to a casino to have a good time, don’t worry about winning and losing.
It’s impossible to be poor and become rich in a New York minute. When it comes to easy money, don’t forget that holding something in your hands doesn’t mean to have it. Anyone must be ready for big money. If you aren’t ready, nothing will help you to win, and to keep that money afterwards in case you’ve managed to win.
Avoid emotional memories about losing or winning money. Don’t remember past games again and again. Leave those memories in the past.
Don’t play big, try to make reasonable bets not to go broke.

Where To Go For Help

Gambler’s Anonymous offers help for addicts in the US and worldwide by providing a safe place to talk about an addiction if things go south, a chance to be a part of something bigger without being judged, and help from fellow gambling addicts. As part of its program there is the questionnaire we listed above, as well as programs of integration into a society and recovery programs much like the famous Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program.

There are no fees required to join, and the organization is completely independent of any outside influence by political, religious, or racially-driven movements. The goal is to enable as many people as possible to put an end to compulsive gambling for good. Gamblers Anonymous (or GA, as its members like to call it), exists in countries across the globe. We don’t provide the full list here because that would mean going through the whole alphabet, but if needs be it can be found here. Also NGPC offers a variety of services with the same aim.

With more than half a million problems gamblers in the UK, National Problem Gambling Clinic, GamCare, GamAnon, and various private cognitive behavior therapists offer a variety of ways of helping to cope with addiction on the NHS Choices website.

Problem Gambling Canada offers listings of all organizations for people who need help with addiction in Canada.

SARFG offers help for addicts in South Africa.

People with gambling problems are a growing concern in Europe (it would be more politically correct to say that the concern is with the problems, not the people, but you know what we mean). With huge spending and alarming growth rate, this part of the industry is subject to careful inspection by the authorities. Problem Gaming Guide offers a complete resource with plenty of information on all possible ways and directions out of the grasp of this vicious malady.

Using resources online, though it is not as effective as working as part of a group or, better yet, with a psychologist, can have its benefits. Self-study, in any case, is the foundation stone of recovery of any sort, so we recommend you take a look at the following if you feel you are beginning to develop the symptoms:

Societies for people with addiction problems are widespread in most countries, but they all work on the notion of “some guided help, but mostly self-help”. Participating in programs that help restore lives before addiction require willingness to diagnose an addiction, desire to take meaningful action to improve the situation, and the willingness to follow through. Admitting that there is a problem is the most important step, and having other people there who can create a sense of social support helps, but ultimately overcoming an addiction is a matter of self-discipline as well as attending meetings. Being a part of a well-organized resource means being halfway there, but it also means finding ways to cope on your own.

Author: Henry Brown