Asian Poker Tour about to launch its biggest festival in history in Taipei, Taiwan – Asia Poker Arena from April 28 to May 7


In just ten days, the Asian Poker Tour (APT) returns to Taiwan for its biggest and most exciting series ever. The upcoming games features 48 events and a massive Main Event with a jaw-dropping guarantee of USD 1 Million (NT$ 30 Million). This is the largest Main Event guaranteed prize pool ever offered by the APT in over a decade.

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Since the announcement in February, the event has been the talk of the town with players from around the world expected to make the trip. Signs of a massive turnout have emerged. On April 6, APT announced the High Rollers Early Bird Special was already sold out. The following day, the popular Vietnam high roller event – Superstar Challenge – was added to the roster, and two events were switched to accommodate high roller demands.

The APT Taipei 2023 festival takes place from April 28 to May 7 at the Asia Poker Arena, the newest poker room in the country. The series will be the first to break it in. The Main Event is from May 1 to 6 with four entry flights. Buy in is NT$ 50,000 (~US$ 1,640).

Entry Flights

Flight A
May 1
60 minutes
12:00 PM

Flight B
Nay 2
45 minutes
12:00 PM

Flight C
May 3
30 minutes
12:00 PM

Flight D
May 3
30 minutes
6:00 PM

Day 2
May 4
60 minutes
12:00 PM

Day 3
May 5
60 minutes
12:15 PM

Final Day
May 6
60 minutes
1:15 PM

With a schedule that huge, it is certain to have something for everyone. High rollers, bounty hunters, turbos, mixed game specialists, all are covered. A variety of buy ins and formats are offered to suit every style and budget, and up to NT$ 21 Million (~$700K) in side event guarantees to spice up the action.

Buy in

Main Event
May 1 to 6
NT$ 30,000,000
NT$ 50,000

April 28 to 29
NT$ 2,000,000
NT$ 10,000

Mystery Bounty Hunter
April 29 to 30
NT$ 3,000,000
NT$ 16,000

Super High Roller 8-Max
April 29 to 30
NT$ 5,000,000
NT$ 150,000

Zodiac Classic
May 4 to 5
NT$ 3,000,000
NT$ 20,000

Double Stack
May 5 to 6
NT$ 2,000,000
NT$ 15,000

Mini Main Event
May 6 to 7
NT$ 1,500,000
NT$ 10,000

High Roller 8-Max
May 6 to 7
NT$ 4,500,000
NT$ 100,000

For the full schedule, head to the APT website.


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Author: Henry Brown