APC Da Nang Main Event: Jose Colada closes Day 2 leading Final 8 players; highlights inside


Tension filled the Dragon Poker Room in Da Nang, Vietnam at Day 2 of the APC Da Nang MAIN EVENT. The 50 players were steaming at the heart of intense poker play as each gunned for a bigger slice of the the ₫7,837,600,000 (~$330,350) prize pool. After twelve hours of play, the Final 8 was determined with Filipino Jose Colada in the driver’s seat with 3,825,000 stack (55 BB) stack. 

DSC 8658Jose Colada

Colada was one of the chip leaders on the Day 1C flight, the heat with the most number of entries (171 entries). He maintained his big stack throughout Day 2 and closed as chip leader. Colada will be the only player waving the Filipino flag coming final day. The race for the inaugural title will take place on Sunday, March 5 starting at 11am Vietnam time. 

DSC 8772APC Da Nang Main Event – Final 8

Final 8 players

Jose Colada

Woo Young Lee

Chan Kyung Jeon

Ha Van Thien

Vu Manh Linh

Lukasz Jankowski

Seong Il Hwang

Hyoung Chul Choi

Remaining payouts









Final 18 rundown

At the final two table game play, short stacked players were seen trying to survive and big stacked players bore down on the competition to level the playing field. Check out the highlights below. 

Short stacked Hyunseung Lee holding Jc6c was taken down by Chan  Kyoung Jeon with KsQh on a Qd10d4h9c6c board, putting Lee on 18th place.

IMG 7522Ta Khanh Linh (Jack Risk)

Jack Risk went all in on the river with KxJx on a Qc2cKd5hKs board hitting trips but Lukasz Jankowski’s 2x2x made a sneaky full house, seeding Jack Risk to 17th place.

The pre-flop all in action between Bae Jin Jun and Sung Yeoul Kang proved that Bae’s KsQs was dominated by Sung’s AcKh, and stayed that way on a Seven-high board. Bae ended at 16th place.

It took a long time for Ji Bok Park holding Qc6c to call Jose Colada’s big push on the turn board 2d8s6s7d but when Colada showed he had the goods with Ah8h top pair, Park busted in 15th place after the river 5c was of no help. 

DSC 8621

Another pre-flop all in action went down, this time with Oh Se Kyung holding Ah5h and chip giant Woo Young Lee holding 10h10d. The pocket pair held on a board 2h3sJdKdJs to send Oh out in 14th place.

Anuy Voong holding second best pair with 6h3c didn’t improve against Seong Il Hwang holdiing As10d when they went all in on the turn with the board 6d10h2s7cJs to fall in 13th place.

DSC 8692Seong Il Hwang

Day 2 Chip leader Ji Won Yoon (Sharon) found himself in trouble going all in on the flop with Kd10h with Woo Young Lee holding JsJd. Yoon paired up at the flop but was still behind Lee. By the river 10sQh3d2hJc, Lee ensured the win with a set to end Yoon in 12th place.

IMG 7523Ji Won Yoon (Sharon)

In the battle of the blinds, massive stacked Colada pushed short stacked big blind Jin Ho Park who risked it holding suited connectors 8s7s. Colada’s 10cJs prevailed on a board QhQdAd3dAh to bounce out Park in 11th place and widen his lead further. 

DSC 8639Ha Van Thien

Ham So Young with Ace-Eight was dominated by Ha Vn Thien’s Ace-Jack, relegating the former to 10th place. And finally, Sung Yeoul Kang took a bad turn, as he thought he was ahead pre-flop with AcQc against Woo Young Lee QsQh. No change in rank on the board 10d3sJh4c3c to drop Kang into 9th place, just missing the final day.

Day 2 Notable Finishers


Sung Yeoul Kang

Ham So Young

Park Jin Ho

Ji Won Yoon (Sharon)

Anuy Voong

Oh Se Kyung

Park Ji Bok

BAe Jin Jun

Jack Risk

Hyunseung Lee

That completed the qualifying rounds for the first Asia Poker Championship in Da Nang, Vietnam. Games opened on February 27 at the newly opened Dragon Poker Club, owned and operated by premier Korea poker organization Korea Mind Game Members (KMGM). The weeklong event concludes on Sunday, March 5 with the first APC Da Nang Main Event champion to be crowned. The headliner drew a total of 404 entries across four entry days.

Buy in: ₫22,000,000 (~$930)
Guarantee: ₫8,000,000 (~$337,000)
Entries: 404
Prize pool: ₫7,837,600,000 (~$330,350)
ITM: 50 players

*Article by Amador Bongcaras


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Author: Henry Brown