2022 elections | Georgia republican nomination

2022 elections | Georgia republican nomination

But the mistake marks an inauspicious start for New York’s new system of ranked-choice voting, which asks primary voters to list their top five candidates in order of preference instead of picking just one. The vote-counting was already delayed by New York’s unusually long absentee ballot deadlines and by the board’s decision to release updated results only once a week. The board has said a final winner may not be known until July 12.

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Garcia’s campaign has said that it expects many of the absentee ballots will go to her. The campaign said an analysis showed many of the ballots were from districts where she beat other candidates in in-person votes. “We’ve been saying from the beginning this is going to be close, and I think this shows this is going to be close,” Lindsey Green, a spokeswoman for Garcia, said Tuesday.

Results on the day of the primary showed Adams in the lead with more than 31% of first-place votes, Wiley had 22% and Garcia had 19%, according to the city’s Board of Elections.

Market Pulse: Adams saw his contract fall 33¢ yesterday, while Garcia’s jumped 31¢ in a day that saw over 1.5M shares traded in the New York City mayoral market. Prior to yesterday’s madness, traders had priced Adams at 85¢, just 4¢ off the post-primary high of 89¢ hit a week ago. Garcia’s contract had been trading at 15¢, while Wiley saw little movement from her position at 3¢.

The overall impact of the results mishap rippled through the rest of the markets and can been seen here.

Author: Henry Brown